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How to Keep safe when beginning woodworking

When starting out as a beginner in learning woodworking there are important safety requirements that should be followed to minimize any chances of injuries. Woodworking can be an enjoyable profession or hobby when you are following relevant safety advice and adhering to safety rules around DIY in general. Injuries often occur where there is little […]

Woodworking For Beginners: Tips And Tricks

Woodworking is a method of building, carving or making something using wood. Unlike in the past, nowadays furniture is all around us. Whether you are in school, in a hotel or at home, when you look around you must find some pieces of furniture that someone made. Woodworking is actually one of the most fun […]

5 Tips for Solid Wood Furniture Maintenance

Solid wood furniture often has a unique grain and heavy body that brings a high class and elegant “woodiness” to a home. If the material is good and well-made, then there is even a lot of room for appreciation. However, solid wood furniture generally requires proper maintenance, otherwise light discoloration, scratching, heavy deformation, cracking. In […]

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