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5 Tips for Solid Wood Furniture Maintenance

Solid wood furniture often has a unique grain and heavy body that brings a high class and elegant “woodiness” to a home. If the material is good and well-made, then there is even a lot of room for appreciation.

However, solid wood furniture generally requires proper maintenance, otherwise light discoloration, scratching, heavy deformation, cracking. In order to make this valuable furniture as new, we must pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance of it.

1. Avoid direct sunlight

After buying solid wood furniture, we should pay attention to its placement, (especially in the summer) do not let it be subject to direct sunlight for a long time. Otherwise, the parts that are often sunburned are prone to discoloration, so that the color of the furniture becomes a deep piece, a light piece. This phenomenon is not only the aging of the surface paint, but the wood itself has changed under the influence of ultraviolet light and heat.

If you can not completely avoid the sun, then a layer of cloth on the furniture can also provide good protection from the sun.

In addition, it is best to keep your home environment between 30% and 40% humidity and 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the wood from cracking and deteriorating due to thermal expansion and contraction, dryness or humidity.

2. Regular cleaning

Spotless solid wood furniture, with the color and texture of the wood itself, will make the living room look more neat and tidy as new. So regular cleaning is very important.

To prevent scratches and moisture from corroding the furniture, we should remove the dust with a dry, soft cotton cloth or duster. This cleaning does not have to be too frequent. Especially like sofas, dining tables, such as large furniture, as long as one or two months to wipe on it.

If the furniture is stained with stubborn stains, just use warm water to clean it, and then dry it with a dry cloth. Keep dry, do not let the solid wood furniture for a long time to get wet.

3. Beware of “burns” and “frostbite”

Too high or too low temperatures can leave marks on solid wood furniture. So avoid putting very hot or very cold things on the wooden table for a long time. However, we can buy some beautiful bowl mats, coasters, both to protect the wood furniture, but also decorate the home environment.

4. Prevent scratches

For a piece of solid wood furniture with a unique texture and elegant color, any scratches can seriously damage its beauty. Therefore, be sure to keep sharp objects away from wood furniture.

5. Regular oiling or waxing

When you have time, consider oiling or waxing your solid wood furniture on a regular basis. Not only will this make the furniture look smooth and clean, but it will also add a protective layer to them. For these expensive pieces of furniture, which can cost thousands of dollars, the extra protection will certainly give the owner more peace of mind. In addition, some of the better natural wood oils (Wood Butter), but also to prevent the wood from moisture, cracking.

Oiling and waxing need not be frequent, about every three to six months to do once, it is fine.

More “old” more elegant

In the premise of proper maintenance, the texture of fine solid wood furniture will be like good wine, over time, not only not easy to decay, but also may precipitate a more elegant temperament.

The color of some wood will gradually fade, some will become darker, and some may produce other changes. So before “hemorrhaging” money on a piece of solid wood furniture, it’s best to understand its nature and see if it’s still the type we like in the future.

How to buy solid wood furniture?

The above maintenance advice is mainly for solid wood furniture. The material properties and aging process of solid wood furniture can vary greatly from wood to wood. We can choose the right furniture with the right price/performance ratio according to the decorating style, usage, local climate and other factors, and then combine it with our budget.

★ Pine

This wood is relatively soft and easily scratched or deformed. The advantage is that it is light in weight and inexpensive. If you don’t plan to use it for years (e.g. children’s furniture), then its disadvantages are not a problem.

★ Oak

Oak comes in different color varieties, and they all have a very strong, heavy texture that does not corrode easily. However, this wood can discolor due to sun exposure. Overall, this high-density hardwood is still very suitable for long-lasting home furniture.

★ Maple

Maple is also strong and durable and can be stained to imitate more expensive woods. So for those on a budget, you can also buy a set of maple tables and chairs to “up the ante”.

★ Walnut

Walnut, with its beautiful grain, is a popular high-grade wood in the United States, with black walnut being the most prized. It has a medium-density and moderate hardness, making it easy to work and carve. Many pieces of walnut furniture have a classically ornate appearance. And it is not easily deformed, so it can decorate our homes for a long time.

★ Cherry wood

This wood comes in several colors, from a lighter, lighter cream to a darker, reddish-brown. Over time, the color of cherry wood deepens, and the older it is, the more beautiful it becomes. Also, this wood has an even grain and a hard texture, so it is suitable for a variety of furniture purposes.

In addition to these categories above, common materials for solid wood furniture include.

◆ Mahogany, which has darkened in color over time.

◆ Ash, which has a simple (even pale) color.

◆ Birch, which is very, very hard in texture.

◆ Easy-to-handle but durable beech

◆ Teak, which is beautiful, hard, and expensive, but prone to thermal expansion and contraction.

◆ East Indian Rosewood, which is beautiful and has the fragrance of roses and is very valuable.

◆ Cedar, which is soft in texture but has an insect repellent aroma.

◆ Yew, which is tough and flexible.


Most solid wood furniture has a high price tag. Because of their sturdiness and durability, they often have a good second-hand value as well. This kind of furniture is ideal for people who want to make a stable home.

Of course, if you are still in a state of wandering and fighting, then the price is cheap, less maintenance, even after the use of “fast food” furniture (such as IKEA), maybe a more practical choice!

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